Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Garam Masala

This sunday I relived my college days.Pondy,Aara and K babu came to our room.We saw TV till evening recollecting foolish deeds done when in IIIT.The center of attraction is Vishnu sorry Vaishu.It's the name given by his colleague (guess who?).We had biriyani in Hyderabad House.We watched Garam Masala in Hitech.
Then pondy and Karteek came to our house for the night.We talked IIIT trivia till 2AM.
Best of them include :-
(1)The way I got the name Jimmy,doggy
(2)KarteekBabu's GK who told that Capital of Russia is "Mexico"
(3)Sireesh's multiple EOF dilemma cracked by vishnu
(4)Again Sireesh's GK who told that a normal year has 366 days
(5)Amazing explanation of F1 Racing given by jaya,aara and booo to DP
and many many more ....(censored:)
Being software professionals we thought that we should give the jokes (PJ's) a certification .That is JMM(on the same lines as CMM).JMM stands for Jamdu(Durga Prasad Jammula) Maturity Model or Jokes Maturity Model.Why DP? If DP laughs it means the joke is a real PJ .Depending upon a joke's standard it's given JMM levels 1-5.
For ex:Let us take Sreejith's Pathetic Jokes(PJs).What happens if SHAKILA is passed through SHAKTI(Machine Translation system in IIIT)?We get ILA because SHAKTI means "SHAK ni TI" (read in Telugu).So it removes SHAK from SHAKILA and gives ILA.Such jokes are given JMM level 5 coz they are so technical.

I hope that we have atleast one such reunion per month and come up with more JMM level 5 jokes.


durgaprasad said...

We have discussed about PJ rankings also.

Vishnu said...

and not to forget we named it as JMM rankings

Vishnu said...

oh gr8 ... my nickname is on net now ... sreejith .. i will kill u raa ....

L3st4T said...

Kick the fatso in his tummy for the shakila joke(If U wanna call it that)