Thursday, November 24, 2005

Making your learning an adventure in exploration

Learning without thought is labor lost -- Confucius

One has to think critically to make their learning a joy.
Critical thinking studies a subject or problem with open-mindedness.
Approach any problem with open mind:
(1)Define your destination, what you want to learn
(2)Think about what you already know about the subject
(3)What resources are available to you, and what is your timeline?
Gather information
(4)Ask questions (very important)
(5)Organize what you have collected into patterns to understand the connections
(6)Ask questions (again!)
(7)Think in terms of how you would demonstrate your learning
Once you have open mind set (7 steps mentioned above):
(1)Demonstrate Knowledge
(3)Use your learning;apply it
(6)Evaluate and Explain Why? (To ask questions well you must be able to face as many questions as possible)

For more information refer Critical Thinking

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