Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Time Killers

Now a days I am playing lot of Sudoku.I plan to do some thing but suddenly I start cracking a sudoku with timer .I am not great sudokuer and am not going to participate in international competitions.The impact is that my time is flying with out my notice.

I should say that one of the reasons for this is not having much to do at office :) . I am not saying that playing sudoku is bad but obsession is bad and slowly started to control relating it with DP's advice on how to control playing excessive Quake.In fact he submitted a report on this in his SystemsThinking project.

The gist of his advice is "We are lazy.Create as many obstacles as possible that you are never in a mood to take so much pain to carry on your obsession.May be this sounds idealistic but it works for normal obsession levels"

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