Friday, January 06, 2006

Will my dream come true?

I dream of a day when I will be able to commute from Madhapur to Secunderabad seated comfortably in a city bus.It would be wonderful if I can reach secunderabad in 45 min.This is a luxurious dream for a Hyderabadi.

Currently during peak hours travelling is a night-mare.After waiting for a long time you have to travel standing until unless you get into the bus at its originating point.You cannot even comfortably stand.In a circle of radius 1 metre around you there will be 4 or 5 people.Imagine the horrible scenario for your self.The bus will move like a bullock-cart because of heavy traffic.If you own a vehicle you wont have to undergo this arduous journey but the delay will be the same.
The cause of the problem is less number of city buses combined with narrow(relative term) roads.Realizing this Municipal Corporation Of Hyderabad is continuously widening the roads.I dont know when will this process comes to an end?

The solutions like constructing fly-overs,widening roads have a physical limitation.At some point of time we cannot widen roads even by an inch.

I think the effective solution is increasing number of city buses and reducing the number of private vehicles on the road.Please note that I am not at all against automobile industry.In our situation we have to make some compromises to meet the goals of all atleast partially (I'm not sure but I think that Nash's game theory (remember the blonde in Beautiful mind) is applicable here).
The number of private vehicles are increasing day-by-day.Easy vehicle loans and the perception of vehicles as a basic need have contributed to this increase.A car that provides space for 4-5 people carries only 1 or 2 people.This wastage of space leads to a feeling that roads are narrow.Government should make policies that discourage people from using personal 4-wheelers on weekdays.At the same time the number of city buses should also be increased.If I am not wrong this is similar to bin packing problem.

Although my solution is vague please comment on it and feel free to post your own solutions so that we can bring it to the notice of the concerned authorities.


Vishnu said...

Its easy to say that ... there is no need for private vehicles when there is a gud public transport available. Assume the government provides a transport where an individual can comfortable go to his destination. People who can afford will always go ahead with their own provate transport .... as they value comfort. With a private vehicle in hand people can go out whenever they feel like ... they even want to avoid the initial delay of waitin near a bustop. This makes them irresistable. The automobile industry tode is concentratin on the middle class sector and manufacturing vehicles which any salary class employee can afford and maintain(mileage). So my point here is although the public transport improves ... there wont be a decrease in the no of private vehicles. Along with that even people need to change

Chaitu said...

Hey sha , your idea is mind-blowing.
I will tell you a much simpler idea,
As the problem is with people , simply shift proportionate amount of people from nizam's place to some other place!! Hehehehe , joke!!
Come on,you have to rethink abt ur solution,if really everyone choose public transport instead of private,
the situation will be like the vehicle in the fevicol add..
Who said its a major problem.If really majority of people suffering from this , surely agitation would have come and govt.,would have come into picture.
So the solution is , lets make it a "major problem" and need to bring it to the notice of the people of how severe the problem is.