Monday, April 10, 2006

God! Give me R.S.

R.S. is not a girl.If it were a girl I would have been in IMAX catching the latest release with her , but not here writing this post :( .Now, what is R.S ?It's abbreviated form of Real Stubbornness.

I heard innocent mothers boasting that their boy is stubborn.They feel that If he wants to do some thing no one on the earth can stop him even the force of friction :).He is stubborn to watch SRK's latest release on day one or to propose the girl next door.But when it comes to the Real Thing is he stubborn?A typical telugu movie hero is portrayed as this kind of stubborn boy.

What is this Real Thing?I feel that it is the one which helps you to grow and help others to grow along with you.It can be like mastering a technology,getting your dream job,service (as mentioned in my previous post) and so on.I know this is purely relative notion, so please free to comment me on this aspect.

In my case, first of all let me make myself clear.My mother never boasted of my stubbornness.She is very much aware of my weaknesses and strengths.Whether someone talks about your stubbornness or not, I feel that stubbornness is an innate quality.Where and When you use it is what really matters! I will exemplify my argument with some of my own incidents.

Yesterday I decided to do two mutually exclusive things.One is watching the movie V for Vendetta and the other start reading word-lists(I dont know when I am going to start this).My office work was completed by 5:30 PM.I proved my stubbornness by watching the movie.(It's a different issue that the movie is good and I learnt some new words from the dialogues :) ).I dont really consider this stubbornness as stubbornness at all because it is exhibited by any Tom,Dick and Harry.

Suitable helmet locks are not yet made for Honda Unicorn.Seeing the lock fit with long screws on my friends Unicorn I decided to have the lock for my bike on the back-side only.But the mechanic I caught hold of told that its impossible and some how convinced me that it will hurt my side lights and blah blah.So I agreed to have it on the bike's leg guard.Thi created hell lot of problem.The lock slides along the rod,the locked helmet occupies my leg-room.

Again on fine day I searched for a better mechanic.The old lock was fixed so strongly that it has to be cut.I bought a new lock and long screws and got it fixed on the bike's back side.This transition costed me 300 bucks.I would have saved this amount if I would have exhibited the same stubbornness that I did in watching V.

So I decide to be stubborn in real things also.Here I want to make myself clear.I am not talking about imaginary things like reading all AynRand works in a singe day for an uninitiated reader.

I dont know how many loop-holes are present in my argument.Please free to comment on it.


Chaitu said...

According to me , stubbornness is a quality which can bring great results in anyones life ,provided it shud be mixed with the conscience.Gandhi is the best example for this,he has won million hearts by this quality.Infact being stubborn is really a tough job and has lot of power in it.....

Suman Y said...

Stubborn seems to be a negative word. You say one is stubborn when he is holding on to things when everyone expects him to let it loose!.

"Pattudala" .. from telugu is a better word I guess.

Suman Y said...

Or you can also say .. sustaining the "Initial-Enthu" ( you know it very well) ;) ...

Shadab said...

Stubborn :- From
1. Unreasonably, often perversely unyielding; bullheaded.
2. Firmly resolved or determined; resolute.
2. Characterized by perseverance; persistent.
3. Difficult to treat or deal with; resistant to treatment or effort.

You can say Medha Patkar is stubborn from the meaning 2.I dont think its negative.In telugu it is "mondi".From your meaning she is holding on to her fast when politicians are expecting her to let it loose even by filing a case of sucide attempt on her.Inspite of all the hardships she is stubborn i.e., RS I am talking about.

Suman Y said...

Monditanam for a good cause is fine .. but suppose the people who are expecting her to stop her fast are good people ?? .. Monditanam to say bring down WTC ?? !! that is also an RS .. but that is not wanted ...

Pattudala undali .. kani manchi pani cheyyadaniki ..

Shadab said...

Thats why my dear its not just stubbornness it is REAL Stubbornness