Monday, September 04, 2006


I joined Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) group started under the leader ship of Anita (HR Department)of my company some 5-6 months back.Whenever I have free time I try to participate in the events organized by this group.The amount of self-satisfaction given by such activities cannot be described in words.Even if you become CEO of the Fortune No1 company you wont get that much of self-satisfaction.Some of the activities in which I participated are:-


PAWMENCAP=Parent’s Association For The Welfare Of Mentally Handicapped Persons
This organization have various projects like
(1)Mayukha :- Early Intervention and Pre-Schooling Centre ,
(2)Manokrushi :- Special Education & Training and Rehabilitation Centre ,
(3)Manochetna :-Vocational Training and Sheltered Work-Shop,
(4)Saans :- Respite Care Centre

As part of the program "I am with PAWMENCAP" ,we invited the mentally handicapped children to our company campus.Amazing thing is the right hemisphere of their brain is perfect.They cannot speak well but they can identify melodies,they can do creative things.They make notebooks,candles,phenol etc., just like anyone else.We organized stalls to sell the items made by them in our campus.I bought note-books and candles.Some of the associates organised their own stalls in between theirs not to single them out.Our idea is to streamline their sales that their efforts bear fruits for them.I talked to some of them Rahmat ,Pinky etc.,I felt bad for them.I thought why God was unjust towards them?But later the same guys performed on the stage.Absolutely I, or for that matter most of the normal guys cannot do like that.The expressions shown by the girl performing "Varsham"(telugu movie) song is amazing.
They lack many basic facilities.They need a paper-cutting machine to make notebooks.They need support from all of us."MY HUMBLE REQUEST FOR THOSE WHO READ THIS POST ,PLEASE TRY TO CONTRIBUTE FOR THE WELL-BEING OF THE KIDS" .However we are in the process of sensitizing PAWMENCAP, by creating a web-site for them.
Their Address::
#10-3-15/2/1, MCH Colony, Humayun Nagar,Hyderabad - 500 028
Tel:: 23536902,55782815 Fax:: 040-55782816


As Part Of our CSR week we have taken up the job of creating traffic awareness among people.We concentrated the junction at the Hitech city and and the junction in front of our company.For a week we have spent on roads for 3-4 hours a day chanellising the traffic.The basic problem is most of us dont know correct rules.So we violate them.We educated people how to circle around the junction?When there is a circle at the junction one has to circle around it to make a turn but generally the human tendency is to take short cut.This creates lot of mess at the junctions.At the Hitech-city havoc is created by autoes.We ensured that auto-guys dont stop where ever they like.There should be reserved space for autoes.No one uses the free-left efficiently.This is because the vehicles that want to go towards right come towards left and in the process of crossing to move towards right they create mess.The vehicles who wants to move towards left/right should decide firmly use the turn indicator and make an effort to move towards the side of their choice at least 1 km before the gap in the median.
We tried to address such basic and minimum issues.Believe me! with in 2-3 days there is free flow of vehicles and pedestrians.We were congratulated by ACP traffic.
Many guys from other companies congratulated me in person and asked me more about our CSR activities.The best compliment we got is traffic polices talking among them-selves "Hey! We do the same job daily but such a free-flow is never seen".
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I am very thankful to Koshish team for giving me this opportunity.

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