Saturday, October 14, 2006

One Host - N Guests - A party

A brief Intro :- Host -> Asif , Guests -> the rest(including me)

Oct 11th is Asif's birth-day.It was decided that he has to give the party at Terrace Bay near Somajiguda.The restaurant was on the fifth floor of the building.The lift made me recall SPEED-I movie's action scene.

As soon as I entered the restaurant , I thought "Aaj Asif ki phatnewaali hain" , the atmosphere is rich and luxurious.The restaurant is bounded by a glass pane.The city looked fabulous from the height.I never knew the view.

Non-drinkers (Reddy & Myself) ordered soup.The soup is super.The cost also.Satti ordered a mug of beer.After taking a sip he decided that he is happy with his photography.Raju ordered signature(whisky brand).He prepared a 1% solution of wine and 7-up.But he acted as if it is 100% wine solution.He exhibited his "Stalin" spirit by giving a sip of this solution to "three" others.Chaitanya ordered Scotch.I found the seven colors of the rainbow in his glass.

Poor Asif was just seeing guys enjoying the drinks and soup.Then came starters.They were OK.After that we ordered Nans and curry.They are not bad.

Asif realized that it is his birthday party and he must enjoy ordering what he likes.He decided that he must have a cigaret.He ordered for one but didnt get any even after a long time.Now Raju took this as opportunity and wanted to show every one that he is indeed drunk.He shouted at the bartender to get the cigs with in the next minute for his esteemed host.

We too had a dose of "Gandhigiri".M.K.Hemanth shared his love to our guest by just satisfying himself with water,cabbage leaves,carrot sticks etc.,Then came biryani.Not bad.Finally desserts.

We started projecting the bill.The highest value projected is less than 3000/-.Asif was very happy because his upper limit was 3000/-.Then the manager placed the bill before him.Jubiliant Asif turned pale.It is 6000/-.

The DRT(Disaster Recovery Team, here Raju &Co. ) took its charge.It converted some guests into hosts.Poor Asif calmed down.For the time being DRT funded the gap in the bill.Hopefully by the next birthday of Asif this bill will be settled.

At the end we all had a cheerful experience and some nice pics to store in our memory folders(courtesy: Attili Satti)

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Chaitu said...

Mr Sha (The ORA) enti ra raju gadu gurinchi thakkuvaga (thappuga) rasevu?
Vadu wine kadu bey whiskey lepedu...
Finally i too wanna say "Asif Ko Jai"