Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I joined Toastmasters club of my company.The club is very active.We are actually working along the lines of Toastmasters International.We are also the members of Toastmasters International.Many other corporates take guidance from us.

Initially I tried my hand with impromptus( on the fly topics).Then I gave my first speech.Toastmasters club call it IceBreaker.Here you got to speak about your self.So next 50 lines(just 50 because I am supposed to speak only for 8 minutes) is about myself.If intersted go on know me.

Hi every one,

I am shadab.I am working with ....

I was born in Nellore,AP.I did my kindergarten in Nellore itself.Our servant used to take me to school daily on his bicycle.Some of the times I used to direct the cycle's handle.May be thats the reason why I learnt bicycle faster than my peers.But I was crazy about jeeps (my dad used to have one).One day I started the jeep on my own .The sound blasted the blood pressure levels of my parents.In the next moment I found myself in my mother's hands.

We shifted to Ongole.I did my entire schoooling there.I made good friends who are in touch even now.I participated in elocution,essay writing ,quiz competitions and also won prizes .During my V standard an English teacher(he used to teach social) visited our school.It is the first time we saw live white skin.As usual every one was excited as if some Mother Teresa or President of India visited our school.My teacher introduced me as one of the good students of the class.(Not boasting my teacher considered so).I used to hate geography, particulary reading about the minerals found in Europe sucks.So I asked him whether their students study about India/sub-continent.Arrogantly he said very little/possibly 4-5 pages.Innocently I told "Mam this is unfair we are wasting a whole year/200 pages on their country ".

In my upper primary school I became ardent fan of cricket.In the spirit of tendulkar ,Once my shot hit the forehead of my classmate .Till he got right I suffered lot more than him.After that in the spirit of rahul dravid I never tried to hit the ball hard even when it is needed.Its the 1995 world cup.India lost badly to Srilanka in the semifinals.After that I too lost my interest badly in cricket.

Because of the competition from private schools the missionaries also started grinding (chakki-peeso) business.So I had to fight with my head-mistress to participate in extra-curricular activities.One fine day,my friend and I got selected for Gemini Quiz (Telugu channel).I prepared for it like hell.Till then I was more of like reading what is necessary but I started reading all interesting things.Our effort was not futile we stood 2nd in coastal region.With this my head mistress realized and slightly changed her attitude.

After school I started preparation for IIT-JEE.I forgot every thing even speaking.I never went to a college(nominally I joined a local college).So I was not able to make many friends.I was infatuated by IIT.I prepared like hell.I am very very much thankful to my parents.They supported me when I was alone with out any help trying to find moment of Inertia of a rotating ball hit by a cue.I was not able to make it.Irony is I prepared as if I am preparing for an Msc(physics) entrance test not JEE.I forgot that there is a subject called CHEMISTRY.But I had a good CHEMISTRY with IIIT Hyderabad.

I cherish my life@IIIT the most.I met many kind of people.Some are extremely intelligent some are extremely geekish some are extremely proactive.Nice professors who are there to help you personally as well as subject-wise.Initially I struggled a lot to catch up with the pace of IIIT.I made lot of good friends.Since I was at hostel for the first time I realized the value of friendship.

I got crazy about Robots during my 3rd year.I studied a lot about them.Now I feel it is all due to Terminator-3 :-).My FinalYearProject was also multi agent simulated robosocer.We got selected in the international 3D robosoccer challenge from India.
My professor wanted me to work on the subject further but I realised that there are many practical problems around me which doesn't need robots but a normal human brain like mine infact like all of us.

I was very much confused in my final year thinking what next?So I attended the campus placements because that is the option left after all the options are over.I was very much reluctant with the process because of our placement officer.So just tried to get out of it taking whatever comes first.Unfortunately I faced some bitter experiences as my process of getting out of the process delayed due to my getting rejected in the written test itself.My reluctance was also a reason.However,luckily I made it to ....(my company)

I enjoyed my InitialLearningProgram, particularly weekend trips.Again I got a good bunch of friends.I was also awarded 5000/- cash prize for my performance in software engineering.

After ILP I worked in ports domain.There I learnt a lot working with the clients although some times I had a clash with one.The hierarchy is that there are two teams (a)client side (b)my company's side.I came under client side and my company's side partially.My module was stable because of the hard work of my seniors.But it is highly sensitive some silly change in some other module may affect mine.So I got some thing to do. I used to finish the work early ,ask for more from my immediate superior (client side) .He was happy with me.Most of the times I used to have no work.So I used to read a lot Movies to Philosophy.But the Teamlead(client side) had an objection that I read on internet.Once or twice I told him nothing is pending on my side and I am ready to take more work.I did a good job(I consider so).I made a report of the work done and used to show him.Still he is not happy.Some how he wants to pull my leg.

Once I was onsite in Mundra port of Gujarat.He got a chance.It so happened that ....
Clients used to get Coke racks from the hotel.We were alighting the bus then he called me and told "Hey get those racks to the workplace".I was very much angry.I dont know his intention but I felt bad because of my past experiences.But what can I do? Client is the Boss.At the same time I cannot hurt my self-esteem.So I immediately took some books in the hands of my friend beside me into mine and told him "Sorry I am not free."

Thank God now I changed the project.Now I am working on an integration problem.A one stand-by point for all Bio-informaticians,scientists.Very good team above all the best boss.

What Next?I dont know
But surely the best that suits me.Till now God has been very much fair with me.I wanted some thing but he gave the best that suits me.

But,I want to have a consultancy firm of my own or atleast work for a consulting firm because problems motivate me.I feel that they are the very source of human existence.

Thanks a lot for listening to me with patience...


Michael D. said...

Welcome to Toastmasters! It sounds like your off to a good start.

Shadab said...

Hi Michael,
I have gone through your little engine.Your objective of writing the blog inspired to know more about little engine.Congeratulations on your achievements.I hope that I would also be able to speak like you.