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Indian IT Professional’s Role

Dr Deepak B Phatak ,Subrao Nilekani Chair Professor,Kanwal Rekhi School of Information Technology,IIT Bombay gave the following talk in IIIT,Hyderabad on Tuesday, 9 September 2003.

The talk is highly inspiring.I noted down key points from the talk.While cleaning my cupboard I got those papers.I am posting them here for the benefit of myself and readers.

What is Information Technology?
Technology that permits Capture, Validation, Storage, Retrieval, Analysis, Dissemination and Archival of Information.IT reduces friction to flow of information, improves transparency and increases accountability.MODERN INFO. TECH. Can Access Information at Any time and at Any Place.

Components Of IT Deployment->
(2)System Software
(3)Application Software
(7)People and Processes

(Application) Software Crisis-->
Changes in Functionality is a Perpetual Requirement.So Design for Change, Integration.

Some Important Technologies -->
(1)Distributed Objects
ex:J2EE Architecture, JDBC, …
(2)Messaging Middleware
(3)Internet Technologies
ex:HTML, XML, Browsers
(4)Data Bases, Mining, …
(5)Network Traffic Management
ex:Routing, Security (IDS), …
(6)Embedded Systems
ex:Smart Cards, Net Appliances, …

Indian IT Penetration -->
Technology Penetration in a Society is Measured in Terms of the Extent of its Deployment
First 500 Million IT Users came from the Developed World
Next 500 Million IT Users Should be From Asia/Africa (India 100M)

Building Affordable Solutions-->
(1)Use Thin Client / Thick Server
Server Centric Computing
(2)Use Internet Technologies
Browser Based Front-ends
(3)Use Open Source Technologies
Contribute, Build and Deploy

Some Thoughts on OSS-->
(1)The IPR Spectrum:

Free Open Semi-Open Protected
Software Source APIs Products
(Stallman) (Windows,Oracle etc.,)

(2)Developers Do Not Generally Develop Applications on OSS
Fear of Unacceptability
Lack of Trained Staff
(3)Users Not Enthusiastic
Fear of Non-Support
Performance Issues

(4)KReSIT(Kanwal Rekhi School Of IT (1998)) AT IIT BOMBAY is trying to build affordable solutions.
Check this

The IT Professional Pyramid-->

Characteristics of IT Professional -->
(1)Knowledge And Skills
(2)Personality With An Inquisitive Mind
(3)Value System

(1)Last Text Book You Read?
Not Prescribed In The Syllabus
(2)Last Research Journal You Read?
Not Connected With Your Field
(3)Last Book You Purchased?
(4)Last Time You Did Any Unforced Writing?

(1)Curious About Everything ?
(2)Disbeliever in Knowledge Compartmentalization?
(3)Willing to Work Hard & Not Give up?
(4)Willing to Make Mistakes & Learn?
(5)Polite But Forthright?

(1)Professional Achievement Being More Important Than Material Wealth
Commitment to a Cause
(2)A Disciplined And Rigorous Approach
(3)The Traditional Indian Debts
(4)Having Principles In Life

In Ten Years From Now
(1)What Would You Be?
(2)What Will Happen To Your Institution, Town & State ?
(3)Where Will Your Nation Be?
(4)What will Happen to Human Society?
(5)What Do You Propose To Do About All These?

If you wish to make a Difference -->
(1)Make Learning a Regular Habit
Not just Reading, but Thinking!
(2)Treat Ethics as Important
Even if you see several dishonest people succeeding, Sustained Societal Prosperity is NOT possible without Trust.
(3)Learn and Develop Leadership
Leaders are not only borne, but they can be Created
(4)Learn Negotiating Skills
(5)Respect Deadlines
(6)Learn Time Management
(7)Believe and build Teamwork
(8)Lot of Give and Take
(9)Be Trustworthy
What you say Must be Solid
What you Commit must be dependable
(10)Keep Larger Picture in Mind
Believe in Yourself
But do face Hard Realities

THE “INDIAN” IT Professional -->
(1)Believes That He or She Can Make it BIG Here In India
Using Domain Knowledge, IT, Very Hard Focused Work and Perseverance
Tremendous Confidence In Oneself
(2)Pride in Indian Achievements, Together with Genuine Respect for Knowledge & Progress Elsewhere.Read this
(3)Is a Die-Hard Optimist

Concluding Remarks-->
Struggle Comes out of Hunger
Hard Work Comes out of Struggle
Success Comes out of Hard Work
--Poet Srirangam Srinivasa


Get Out of “Colonial Mindset”,
The World Is Yours to Make a Mark on.

In Our Move Towards Becoming a Developed Nation, To Provide An Honorable And Comfortable Life To Indians, and to Live as Equals
Create IPR Through Focused R&D and help in Wealth Generation.

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