Saturday, April 14, 2007

Negative Calorie Foods

I never knew that even eating food can help in weight loss! How?
Source : TOI

For ex : A piece of cake consisiting of 400 calories may only require 150 cals to digest, resulting in a net gain of 250 cals, which is added to our body fat.On the other hand an apple or orange containing 50 cals may require approximately 150 cals to digest resulting in a net loss of 100 cals from our body fat.The more you eat the more you lose weight!

List of Negative Cal Foods -->
Fruits:: ----- Vegetables::
Apples ----- Beetroot
Lemon ------ Broccoci
Mango -------Cabbage
Lime -------Carrot
Orange ------ Cauliflower
Pappaya ----- Cuccumber
Peach ---------Garlic
Pineapple ----- Greenbeans
Raspberry ----- Lettuce
Strawberry ---- Radishes
Tangerine ------Spinach
Watermelon ----Tomato

So inorder to have long-term weight loss, consume negative cal foods uncooked as part of a balanced low cal diet with exercise.

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