Sunday, March 09, 2008

Mera Number Kab Aayegaa !

Apart from the heat, this summer is loaded with marriages.If you tell some one " I Know What You Did This Summer " he'll probably say "I got married".

"Suresh weds Veni (Feb 23 , 2008)" ,this is the first marriage in the series of marriages that I attended and will attend.I started at 9:30 p.m. on Friday night to catch the Ongole bus from Central Bus Stand (CBS) at 10:30 pm. I boarded a city bus to reach CBS.I guess that the driver got sudden pangs of hunger . He jumped out of the bus to have some thing to eat.He enjoyed the food for 15 minutes.After a little hassle between the conductor and passengers for the delay we headed slowly towards CBS .Definitely the food disturbed the driver's tummy, a metro express was moving dead slowly.Thank God! I reached CBS at 10:29 pm. I felt a lot of change.Any bus can stop anywhere.This is nothing short of a treasure hunt.I ran around the bus stand but ongole bus is no where to be seen.Oh! my God I missed the bus.
Bloody phone says disconnected from the network.Barriers break when people speak but boy! there must be network to speak.The so-called APSRTC enquiry booth told that the bus 'might' have already left.I thought I would wait for some time and then leave.Luckily I saw Vikram coming towards me.At that time he looked like an angel to me.He escorted me to the bus.Wow! I was meeting my friends after approximately seven years. Shravan,Satish,Vikram,Ravindra and Sudhakar were there. They welcomed me warmly.Satish looked busy with some 'important' phone call.Shravan was trying to find who was on the other side of phone.Ravindra said that I haven't changed a bit but he changed a lot.Vikram looked manly like a tollywood star.Sudha looked as if he were there to sleep :).

Next day all of us assembled at suresh's house in the afternoon.I found Anil a.k.a party and BabuRao sir also.Anil was as usual tall and cool.Babu Rao sir looked relaxed and charged to
play football with all of us with his funny sarcastic jokes.We were all supposed to start at 1:00 pm to the bride's place but we started at 3:30.Poor Vasu! was waiting some where in the mid-way to bride's place, to pick him up from 2:00 pm onwards.He looked like philosopher with a small belly.We munched guavas brought by vasu. We talked about the intermediate education past and present.BabuRao sir added lot of insights to the discussion.Ravindra talked about his project which is really cool.He showed his engineering college which was on the way.We got bored but to our delight there was a girl in the group.You know boys! We wanted to show-case our skills to impress her.Vikram was already in charge helping her in preparing a gift for Suresh. Anil and I started pulling Vikram's legs.Afterwards we took the charge of impressing the
girl with our 'unique' skill of pseudo-palmistry(p-p).I hope I didn't offend anyone with my p-p.Oh! still there is a long way to go .Ate guavas,laughed to BabuRao sir's jokes, teased Vikram,impressed(I think so :) ) girl what else to do ?Satish took the charge with his intuitive puzzles.Actually puzzles are indeed intuitive but Anil proved them the are silly and useless.I think satish will think twice before posing puzzles if party is present.

Thank God! we reached.Three musketeers(Baaru,Hari, and Rama a.k.a Quest ) were waiting for us.Baaru didn't change looked cute and funny as usual.Hari looked like a small boy doing his intermediate.Rama looked excited.As he belongs to my company I met him in between.The bride's party welcomed us with cooldrinks and snacks.We got refreshed with a cool bath.Some snaps were taken in the dressing room but all of them are not meant for family viewing.I also met with Lucy ,a mutual friend of Suresh and mine at St.Xaviers school.He changed a lot.Now he is working for a noble cause of spreading health awareness in the villages.Suresh dressed up in a beautiful suit.He looked like a chief executive of Infy.He got busy with his wedding process and we got busy with eating process.After a long time I got a chance to savour traditional AndhraFood - Fried Mirchi, Pappad, Curry , Pakoda, Sambar ummm.

After a heavy dinner we arranged ourselves in a circle.Baaru was the cynosure of the circle.He speaks we laugh that was the protocol.We reminisced about our intermediate days especially sanskrit sir and Baaru,uday bhanu sir and vasu,english sir,chinna srinu sir,pedda srinu sir,s-kiibed (eamcet subbarao sir),veyyavay-pettavay(mehta sir).We clicked lot of photos.Time just flew away in our conversation.The entire marriage party returned after mid-night. Anil,Baaru,Hari,Rama,Vasu and I got down at Vijayawada. All others were sleeping.We bade good-bye and happy married life to Suresh and got down.

In Vijayawada we spent some time in lodge room.Baaru left for his home.Vasu left for his aunt's house.Anil left to chirala.Hari,Rama and I returned to Hyderabad by Satavahana express.Hari explained life in a metro(mumbai).Time passed slowly and we reached Hyderabad.Hari headed to Mumbai.Rama left to Miyapur and I returned home.I slept for the entire half-day.My dreams were full of my intermediate days, my cycle,tuitions at BabuRao sir's house,subject discussions with satish and vasu,cricket matches in hari's house so on and so forth.

We dispersed so quickly that we didn't even bade good-bye to each other but I am very happy that we could meet after so many days.Guys! who is getting married next?(Mera number toh abhi nahin aayegaa!) I want to have one more meet-up.


Anil said...

Shadab... it reminded me of that beautiful day ra... thanks for taking time in writing this blog. you captured almost everything... :))

Try to attach our group photo in this blog if possible.

Neelima said...

Thanks for this wonderful narration shadab. While I was reading, I remmebered all those lecturers and I miss those days. If you can, please say my HI to babu rao sir. He is so adorable. My brother doesn't like math, but he loves babu rao sir. I remember udaya bhanu sir, mehta sir, eamcet subba rao sir, yelamanda sir. Do you know Lakshmi Prasad sir (LP sir) by the way? Please post a picture of you and babu rao sir together if you have taken any!!!

And as usual, I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep rocking.

- Neelima