Monday, May 19, 2008

Is making home so easy?

I used to think so.All through these days I thought that Father is the head of the family and he is the one who works the hardest for the family.One reason might be I am male and sympathize with fellow male :) .But a keen observation of day-to-day house-hold activities proved me wrong.It is not only the father but the home-maker also plays an equally important role.I am not getting into man vs woman business because a home-maker may be a man or a woman .I will just talk about my observations from the point of view of the home-maker of my home i.e., my mom.This may open the eyes of many others like me :).

For a long time I have been avoiding my duties as a member of my family.I nicely covered my laziness with "Male Ego" that says, " A man is a manager, HE is supposed to supervise and not actually work :) ".So I used to appreciate the interior decoration done by my sister,praise the
delicious food cooked by my mom.My mom used to feel elated because of my poetic appreciations.Slowly she realized that I am actually contributing to nothing in action.She decided to teach me a lesson.She went on cooking the vegetables/items that I don't like day after day.I used to cry Oh mom! I work so hard(?) at the office and after coming home what do I get? (karela)BITTER GOURD!She coolly replied My dear! I can only cook what I have in the kitchen inventory.I have been requesting you for a while to get some vegetables from market ! You paid a deaf ear to me.So bear the punishment.You know tommorow I am going to cook cauliflower because I have that in my inventory. I told OK momma, what a strategy!I guess IIM's can give a case study on this which says How to manage smart( like me :) ) people ?So I decided that it is better to do Ghar Seva first and then the Samaj Seva.The president of my home's constitution none other than my mom created a set of Fundamental duties of the citizen 'Shadab':-
(1)Ensuring that the needs of kitchen are full-filled.
(2)Ensuring that any repair in Electrical/Electronic appliances is fixed
with in 24 hours.
(3)Ensuring that all the bills are paid before deadline.
(4)Ensuring that the drinking water is filtered and filled in bottles.

Just four!Even I thought that's all.But believe me, "Ensuring that you fulfill your duties daily is going to be really tough".When I started to dispatch my duties I came to know oh! my God house-hold work is tougher than cracking civil services.I started appreciating my mom in the true sense.I realised that she is indeed the Master of our House as it is shown on TV (Women's day and so on).So HatsOff! to all home-makers.You are GREAT.My mom works for 7 days and atleast 10 hours a day so that all others in the family are happy.Drawing the inspiration from my mom I started my new role "The Citizen" no "The Responsible Citizen".

I used to be responsible and contribute towards house-hold activities till the time I reached X standard.Later I ,no, the entire society thought I entered into a VERY crucial phase of my life SSC/+1/+2 so on .So I got a sabatical from my responsibilities towards house-hold activities.I remembered the prices of various goods during my schooling.With these "price-memories" I entered a market with a big list prepared by my mom.I went to tomato walla and asked tomatoes for Rs5/a KG.He gave a weird look and simply told "Aage Badho"(Move-On).Then I read the rate list which said tomatoes Rs20/KG.I asked him when did the price change from Rs5 to Rs20?He said "Aapke bachpan mein"(in your childhood).Suddenly my economics lessons flashed into my mind oh! it is inflation.Later I went to the mutton shop.I over heard my dad saying that KG(1 Kilogram) chicken is Rs80 two days ago.So I thought KG mutton should be Rs100 atmost and also felt proud of my common-sense.I handed Rs.100 to the butcher.He stopped me and told "Baaki paise"(Where is the rest of the money?).I told "Isn't that all?"Thank God I escaped from being made into "khyma" (small pieces) paying him the correct price i.e., Rs240/KG.OK! I decided to first ask the price for the same item in atleast two shops and then buy the best deal.Thank God! this strategy worked.I was done with the test and then returned home.

After coming home mom checked the carry bag and cross verified the items with the list.Yippey! I didnt miss any of the items in the list.But ,But!Now the real test started.The quality of the items and the price of the items!She told tomatoes are not so good.I should have tried in a different shop.Also the Rs 20 could have been negotiated to Rs16 which I didn't.The brinjal is so so.I could have been done better and finally she told the mutton is good!Saving grace!Thank you muttonwallah although you scared me!I got a rating of 3 out of 5.Hey thats a very good rating for
a beginner.But believe me! I started learning .In a month's time I was able to understand a good tomato from a bad ,a good brinjal from a bad, a good quality mutton from a bad and also I was able to get at right price.

I started discharging my duties well.In the process I got an opportunity to observe what does my mom do for almost the entire day in home?Her activities included cleaning the house, washing clothes,cooking,procuring the things that I missed to get and so on...As we all know there are two ways to do any thing the right way and the wrong way.If we do in the wrong way the above activities can be easily done.For ex:-If you need vegetables you can go to any retail outlet and get B-grade ones.If you want to do it in the right way go to the rythubazar (market) and get them.Believe me! there is hell lot of difference in the taste of the vegetables got from the two places. Rythubazar certainly tastes good but it comes at the cost of strain and pain.Now if you take the activity of cleaning house you can take the broom and simply whirl around.After that walking on the floor of the house leaves your feet black because it collects all the dust :) But if you gonna do it in the right way it involves taking broom to every nook and cranny of the house and then cleaning the floor with the wet cloth.Now let us talk about my favorite part cooking , if you cook with out any care you may be the source of the diseases in the house.To cook healthy food one needs to take lot of care right from cleaning the ingredients of cooking, the proportion of ingredients used in the cooking, to the way the food is served.My mom always do it in right way.I appreciate her dedication and she will continue to do so forever irrespective of age.I decided to co-operate her forever in her ordeal.

So I advice all my readers ,take care of your Home Maker.They are the one who are diligently working for you.

Finally the answer to my question "It is not all that easy" ...


Prasanth said...

Making home is easy, If it interests you. It is the same for any activity though.
I am my home-maker and I love to be.

Ramu said...

Lucky is the one who marries you as you have started life skills at home

Chaitanya said...

arey baba this is the reason why home-makers are always home-shakers :)
I like your transformation from "Man a manager" to "salam-e-Home-maker". Keep blogging......

Chaitanya said...

by the way , when is my lunch party at ur home?
a promise is a promise and i believe you r a "Citizen"... no no... "Responsible Citizen".... rn't u?

Afshan said...

BRO for ur recent comments!!
will thoroughly go thru ur works
and comment later iN PEACE!
U can go thru my new works

Afshan said...

awesome view of URS!
and U QUALIFY 200% to be my bro!! :)

Afshan said...

awesome! write up

amazing view of urs:)

u QLFY 200 % to be my BRO!! :D