Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My First Day at Campus

Landed in the place where I dreamt to be for the last 2 years. IIML the place that I longed to belong. Now I am part of this great community.

The Campus :-


It is huge and beautiful.At the entrance gate one can find the statues of great national leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and a scene of Mahabharatha depicting Krishna riding the chariot of Arjun.They mean that IIML's mission is to transform its students into leaders with a pedagogy that is interactive professors taking the role of Krishna and we taking the role of Arjun.

We are expecting a swimming pool andm ore facilities in the next two months.There will be loads of fun as ours is a silver jubilee batch of IIML.

The induction program is very well planned placing emphasis on ethics and social responsiobility. Coming to the pedagogy again Dr.Devi Singh explained that the professors provide us a model/framework.It is upto us how are we going to use it with our own commonsense and wisdom.I think this is the fun part of instruction where in we learn from each other , learn appreciating others ideas and emerge as independent individuals.

Prof.ArchanaShukla and Swamiji talked on Indian ethos , values and culture raising relevant questions like ambition vs conscience , short term vs long term and end vs means.

In the ice breaking session Prof.Das gupta gave the following map to choose specialisations:-


At the end of the day we had alumni talk by Mr.Vineet Chauhan , President of IIML alumni association, Global business manager JP Morgan.This was the best session of the day.He explained what it takes to be a star ? identifying various parameters cancelling the irrelevant oness and boiling down to four elements FOCUS, IIML , OVER & BEYOND , SOFT SKILLS.

In the night we had an ice breaking session with seniors . This was the most interesting and fun part of the day. I came to know inherent talents in my class mates .I am really privileged to be a part of such bright , multi faceted people.Looking forward to learn a lot from these guys.

The City :-


I ventured out of the campus with my father to catch a glimpse of the city.I travelled in bus , seven-seater/three wheeler, rickshaw(tri-cycle) to do Ganjing ( courtesy : Kanishka .It is visiting Hazarat Ganj).

I found Lucknow indeed a city of Nawabs ,very very slow.I may be wrong but being from Hyderabad where in a place like Hazarat Ganj will be teeming with people rushing fast.We visited some of the cloth shops and got into a restaurant to taste the much talked about BIRIYANI. Yes this is great much better than Hyderabadi Biriyani.Eating Biriyani listening to Gazals was pleasant and great.


Afshan said...

waiting for ur further experiences......:) and other cuisines of lucknow:D

sreedhar chunduri said...

Hi Shadab,

Best of luck for your future. IIML a wonderfull to learn new things. My brother came out from there in 2007. I read your sunitha article so many times, when ever i wished for inspiration, thanks once again for writing it.


sreedhar chunduri said...

Hi Shadab,

IIML is a wonderfull place to learn new things, my brother is alumni of it, came out in 2007, now working for pepsi. I wish you best of luck buddy.

I read your article on sunitha so many times, when ever i need some inspiration, thank q once again for writing it.


Shadab said...

Thanks Sreedhar . Your appreciation of my article is surely an inspiration to write better ones.
What's the name of your bro?

rajugang said...

Hey Shadab, nice articles.. I am reading ur blogs one by one.. very informative.. keep posting ur experiences...

Shadab said...

Yes ! I want to most better stuff in fact lots to write expect time:) but I am just planning to streamline my schedule to take out time for my favourite activity WRITING