Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tundey ke Fundey

It's April 10 , 2009. I came to know I got admission into IIML. I shared the happy news with my near and dear. Can you guess their response to this news?

You might think why is this fellow asking sitters? or Is he out of his mind because of stimulation - response analysis of Organizational Behaviour. After these questions run in your mind finally you may answer my question that they would have responded with obvious "Congratulations!".

Friends! the answer is NO. Let me explain the process. I said I got into I..I..M. Stop! till here it was fine.They were waiting for me to complete the word. Then I completed with Lucknow.They forgot the first three letters and started off with history,heritage blah blah of Lucknow.More importantly everyone left me mouth-watering about "Tunde Kebaab".For uninitiated, it's a very famous delicacy of Lucknow city.

The way they explained was wow! simple fantabulous ( searched oxford dictionary for this word :). Read on!

"Shadab! it is soooooo soft soooooo good. The moment you keep it in your mouth it dissolves. The experience you get while it dissolves is unearthly. It is not KFC that is Finger lickin good but it is Tundey ke Kebaab".

People talked to me so much about it that I started thinking about Tundey ke Kebaab rather than the institute, campus life which new admission should think about.The D-Day arrived. I landed in Lucknow on June 22. I looked around for Tundey ke Kebaab. I couldn't find, as it was early in the morning.

IIML is a microcosm of our country. You can find various personality types here. Don't worry I won't get into Type-A , Type-B of Organizational Behaviour. I found people similarly motivated by Tunde ke Kabaab. One fine day we embarked on the "Mission Tundey ke Kebaab". We went to Sahara Gunj. We should have gone to Hazarat Gunj. We found a joint selling Tundey ke Kabaab.

My friend shouted "Wow! Tundey ".I said "Chal re Mundey!".We ordered 3 plates for us. We waited keenly to have our first glimpse of "THE Kebaab". Much to our surprise it looked like cutlet. We thought "Tundey ke Kebaab" is a kebaab that doesn't look like a kebaab.Then I put it in my mouth and tried to experience all that unearthly experience.I am not sure about the unearthly experience but I would have tasted earthly experience with my back landing on the earth as someone pulled the chair on which I was about to sit.

Man! Tundey let us down. It was not that extraordinary. It tasted like cutlet. My mom makes much much better cutlets. Wait! we are optimists. We never lose hope. I said "OK! don't worry. We got kebabs from the wrong place.Next time we will do market analysis of kebab and go to the right place where we can get THAT unearthly experience".

Some one who knows easier access to Tundey. Pls pour in your comments that will help the new comers to Lucknow like me.


Afshan said...

better luck next time FOr a better tUNdey!

Thyagu said...

You probably picked the wrong store or lucknowites have poor taste buds :)

Shadab said...

I picked the wrong store :(


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JhOlarBaba said...

Nice one:)!!

JhOlarBaba said...

Nice one..:)